#MInM2016-Reconnecting the dots

Way Back a small seed were planted by few passionate,whose heart shares only one thought and that is Community .  That started growing day by day ,year by year,from one region to another region ,from people to people all because that small team nurturing it like a family.


It turns into a larger tree with long trunks which spreads from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, From Tripura to Gujarat , From Punjab to Kerala  or more precisely it reached to all sides of a country . From Kids to old age ,from a girl to our women , from a non-tech guy to nerds everyone get connected from it . Everyone started singing What does the Fox Say ? 🙂 Its Awesome , praised by each and everyone around the globe. But then a phase came in front of this & that was out-breaking of ideas, there sounds which needed to directed into a way that fulfill this :


Which was not an easy task. Then Suicide Squad comes into picture(Did you mean Suicide Squad 😉 ) No, they are those who are willing to drive this force into a right way and taking all responsibilities onto there own shoulders ? There special efforts produced an optimal result when ~120 Mozillians from all along the country stepped-in into #MInM2016 .

Greetings From Holiday Inn 🙂
Spoiler Alert 😉 #EthenicDay

it was such a pleasure to met several of those active , diverse by nature ,but connected by common goals Mozillians &  got to know about there past contributions, present workforce and upcoming goals .

Super Cool Girls  🙂
The selfi praises itself 😉

Insights Based on My View : 

All sessions are well defined and instructions led by organizing team were pretty clear (it is almost 1:30 ,go back to Gallilio-1 😛 😀 😛  ) However those who are willing to join multiple sessions , they feel it like half baked cookies (but its okay to be prepare one meal completely rather than preparing multiple half -cooked meals at the same time :P) .

End sessions were affected on 2nd day due to “travel back” term but till that time everyone got a good head start about Restructuring Mozilla India .

I was learning about social media and its influence and at the mean time also letting people know whats happening inside our Conference room. it was such a fun doing task i was handling.

Second thing that I learned is about MozVR ( visit this https://mozvr.com/ or learn it form here : https://github.com/MozVR/vr-web-examples ) that was simply but yet awesomely defined by Ram .

VR Community

Third thing that I learned is about Brand and Cross Browser Compatibility issues in Firefox,so no more #moz #MoZiLLa or #Firrrrrrrefox 😛 thanks Brad for sharing it from a dev perspective.

The wall of Appriciation

Apart form these there are many more things that I learned but not sharing here… coz  I don’t to listen from a reader that it is an ultra large blog ,he read it after 2-3 naps 😀 😛

Overall it was a great experience to see the those goals were fulfilled with which this meet was organized . I am hopeful that The tree will again bloom with greenness and prove that why this Community is Called as Most Diverse Open Source Community [No citation needed 😛 ]

PS: I was missing blog writing and Sharing about Mozilla ,and with this I just made a comeback 🙂

With Foxy & The Big Small Change ! 😉



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