Mozilla Club : Stories behind building bricks of web

Hi, I am Chandan,an open source volunteer who loves learn,teach and share about web . I have added my Mozillian Club to . Here are some points about it :

  • Can you tell us about your own journey: what’s your relationship to the web? how you came to care about web literacy today?’

Still I remember when I was in 2nd year and very curious about web and its working . Everyday I tried to know about this and at the end comes with something amazing facts . One day I got to know about Volunteering for Mozilla from one of my senior. I also feel at the same time that how much web literacy is needful for human being. So,when I go through the Mozilla Mission, I personally feel that this is the way by which I can learn/ teach and share about web. Amazingly as the day passed the flame of doing something great for human being and for web was ignited more and more.

  • What kind of success stories or transformations would you like to enable with your club? what does that look like in the next month? in the next year?

Stories Like Collab House ( ) is always there as an example and I really want to share the same with my club as well as with the other part of globe.

  • Why do you want to host a Mozilla Club? what will you be able achieve with your club that you could not do before?

Interestingly Our club is already on the roll with few successful events and also won “Club of the month” at last year,which needs to continue as we are growing up with numbers. In the other hand what we want to achieve ? Well we want to achieve a great level of appreciation from the entire web as a club and we really joined our hands together for achieving this.
  • Can you tell us more about how you’ll organize your club? i.e. where it will meet, what kind of participant you want to serve?

Meetups are generally done in campus itself ,however if the needs are quite achievable we also go for Mozcoffe’s etc where we make something amazing , really an eye catching  and which helps others to learn more about open web and involvement into Mozilla.
  • What steps you will need to take to make that story a reality?

Steps like More number participation as compared to last year , More quality contributions this year too and Maximum number of real web saviour from our club who will become a reason of motivation.
  • What kind of curriculum you would like to have available for you?

Teaching about web technologies , creating apps , speaker evangelist 
  • How can we support you in making your club more effective and fun?

same time I am also looking for support over above areas .
  • How are you going to recruit members for the club? what about volunteers to mentor and facilitate session with you?

for recruitment we haven’t yet any specific procedure,actually we accept everyone from warm heart who follow our sessions and wanted to contribute .
  • Will you host a local group of learners that meets at least  three times in the next 6 months to explore how to read, write and  participate with the web in an engaging and inclusive way?

Yeah,last time we had organized “Hour of code” and we are looking forward like this event .

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