Mentor-Mentee Meet : M3 Defined

  •  What has been your progress in December, January & February ?

Last 3 months I had done with #teachtheweb concept. Gone through 1-1 sharing as well instructing newbies about Mozilla Mission. Attended Some of Events like #Foxwavetruba #OIST  and lead my Local Club as a “Club of The Month” . Focused on long term contributions from newbies and from my side too,so much more active on Individual Contribution. Established a New club in Government College and helps others to setup them too in their clz

during these days

  • Are you happy/comfortable being a Rep?

Yes, I’m no Doubt 🙂 Actually I am Enjoying it and trying to spread its basics to others.

  • Any new plans/events/contributions you have planned for upcoming month?

Yes, Their are some of Big(on Impact level) events are coming in upcoming months. Will tell about it more later.

  • Any concerns, hurdles you are facing recently?

mm..No not actually 🙂 However some hurdles are in pathways ,which will be terminated soon 🙂

  • share a YAY \o/ moment.

Not any one specific Yay moment. 🙂 Actually whatever and wherever I get in touch with others , I always getting Big Yay Moments. Still if I have to choose then it was:

  1. When a big crowd says “Awesome You are Sir and it was Just a Fabulous Thing we learned today 😉 ” in replies of “Rate this whole event on a scale of 5”.
  2. When My college management Taunt me “Why you are roaming so much” ? Share With us ^_^ 😀
  3. When a person come and says “I know you , You are a Mozillian Chandan and doing a Great work for web.

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