Answers For Meetup:

What has been your progress after becoming a Rep?

I have done Several of Events inside the regional community as well as done a maker party event in Punjab.

This includes : Mozcoffee , OS Apps Day, Startupcamp ,Maker Party @ Guna and Maker Faire@Punjab.

All Events are best in class,and I really feel aweesome to become a part of that.

Apart from this I had done individual contributions too,such in support forum and AoA , and social media promotion is one other hand I have helped several number of peoples there.

Are you happy/comfortable being a Rep?

Yeah,Its Too much Awesome 🙂

Any new plans/events/contributions you have planned for upcoming month?

Yeah,There is an ongoing event named as Graphics camp and I help the newbies who are really good to organize an event with all possible efforts.

The next event is planned in My region and it was a huge one .More or less 500 attendees are come and join with us.

Since nowdays Exams and other carrier related activities are going on so, I have not planned any such events and not quite attached with program .

however still Im doing Individual Contribution over SUMO part .

I also want to go for Appmaker in upcoming month

Any concerns, hurdles you are facing recently?

mm….not so much,just learning to handle reps tools more awesomely .

I need such devices because of its need,and still i didn’t have a devices so I can show up .

But I want to take some suggestions on Swags Distribution as well as Budget Procedure.

Share a YAY \o/ moment

There are lots of,just sharing 2 cent :

>> Building an active team in such regions (Punjab,Guna,Lucknow) and Newbies are inspired from our actively participation in the program.


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