Mozcaffee @ Bhopal : A sip With Community

Hii Everyone,

After attended various Events Now This time I planned with my coffee (Mozcaffee) with Our Community. This coffee contains many things in itself (Community Strengthen,Sharing Experiences,Working on Structures of future events etc) but not limited to this only(adding some creams on it by Planning some Fun Activity 😉 😀 ).

On the Day(2nd October) We get together on Cafe Coffee Day(Famous with Tags 😉 ) and start pressing ideas on different event matrices that we have set prior to event. Points that we have done their :

  • Structuring Community on Different aspects.
  • Charging up Inactive members
  • Sharing our experiences whatever we gained through our individual contribution
  • Distributing Task among Members,So We can Recognize them with there works.
  • Adding New Community Members(Newbies,who want to fly 😉)

After that we are going through Some Awesome(Actually We love to creativity) To-Do-Things,and This is one of Best part through out the event. We decided to make makes on some festive themes,so We start creating :

20141002_173806-compressed20141002_175840-compressedFinally We get :


This Mozcoffee is one of Best Event I Ever Done Because of Its Necessity. Now we are Running with More structured More Determined with Aim(whatever we set) and We Hope We Really Proved Why We called as Packet of <Do Gooders>.

Stay Compiled,World having need of you 😀


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