Scrollback Ambassdor : lets follow the wave

Hello Team,

I’m chandan baba welcomes you to here at scrollback campus ambassdor .

here are my answers 😀 !!

About Myself :

My name is Chandan Kumar Baba

Where are you from (college and city) and what are you doing currently (your course and other voluntary projects, if any)?

I’m From Bhopal and My college is NRI Institute of Information Science and Technology .I’m from CSE Stream and Currently I’m volunteering for Mozilla under SUMO Project. A webmaker contributor too.

What is ‘Scrollback’ (your version and understanding of Scrollback)?

Scrollback is chat service providing open source community which provides the freedom in real way,by linking the twitter and there hashtags at one place. so our collegus can know well about us.It can be used by different-different needs like we can use it from small paced organization to bigger ones.

Why being a ‘Scrollback Campus Ambassador’ is important to you?

Being a campus ambassador is awesome with own its tag.I love open source and I want to become a great community builder,thats why Im joining it .Since Its too tuff to get a great hand on live projects(sucks theory) and with the help of scrollback we can easily do the things.Its always Awesome when we learn by sharing things bewtween others.

If you are selected as a Scrollback Campus Ambassador, what will be your work plan for the next one month?

After being a campus ambassdor first I spread the wave of scrollback in between my campus as well as my local communities too. Organizing events and taking real time response is best way to spread up the waves.

I hope I can give my ideas , thanks 😀


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