KidKonnect@Bihar : Spreading Web literacy

Hello Everyone,

So Maker Party are on Boom and I Know You all are Enjoying it by various ways (Either Attend a Party or Hosting a Party). The same with me,I too get deep with all these stuffs. 😀

Recently I get a chance to go to a village which is too backward in all cases(what other words you say if there is no Current,Poor Internet,Low Network Bla…Bla),But the thing I love there is to get up and know more about world by there children . So I Plan for a Web Literacy program there and Try to contribute to get them up with web .

So It takes more than 3 hours to go out at event place and Its too tuff to hold the same energy level as start of the day. But When I see the Arrangements (Done By The Parents,and I salute there effort) I get re-energized to teach them something Awesome .


So I start the stuffs with The Web We Want video and it makes children in wow mood (as I too want this mood) 🙂 . Now Then I ask them about Internet and other things such as about Computers, Tablets, Web etc ..!! Some of them are know little bit about it and others are blank. But its Okey ,because I Want they learn it in better way. 

So I tell them about Computers History,Web,Internet and all other stuff . So they are now feel up something More interacted with me . after that I tell about them Web Browsers and there working ethics. Also I teach them How to download Stuffs from Web and how to check who are watching us. 


Before I end up the session I ask them to make something using papers, or using Laptops. Woo What I get , Its Awesome :


Showing them I’m a Mozillian and Mozfest 13 make them more hunger about it but Its time limit so I just Bind up the session.



I always to do things Better and Awesome and These steps are just strong me up to bear up more about Web in between peoples.

We Love to Support the Web,to make it more open 😀


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