Remote Coffee v2 : New way to connect with people


Hello Folks,

After getting a high end training from Mozcamp when I back into my couch,I Know I have to spread my Project and Spread the Blossom of Open web,That I smelled there at Mozcamp.

But Instead of Going into a Regular way,This Time I use one most responsive way that is doing a Remote Coffee (sounds new,sounds good) 😀

see the Etherpad :

The Idea behind doing this is somewhat practical,that is we don’t have sufficient time to come sit for hours if we are in our crucial stages of life.So,Instead of Inviting some peoples from local I go for a broad event. Where I Port My ideas in between all.

The event is basically of two days (Thanks to team alpha)and based on SUMO(Support Mozilla)but its not only covers it,as it also covers some basic about Webmaker,MDN,and all other parts of contribution area.For this I have Made some basic boundaries like what to do during event,where event is relay on (IRC or On Facebook),what basic stuffs are used during event etc …

So as I planned this event from eve 7PM to 11PM on both days,It is kicked off at right time.I know since its first day so persons comes might be late,but no worries,because in that time I stacked each and every thing on proper place at etherpad.

take a look of it :


once they start coming they are good in numbers,mixed of Mozillians as well as newbies,who all are passonate about contribution more actively on SUMO.

See the glimpies of first day,We have top 3 Suggestion for all newbies as well as mozillians who want to work on SUMO (specially on Support Forum as well as Localization),Thanks to JayaKumar and Raj Suthar   for the expert talk.

Today’s Top Suggestions :-

1. Think like a user not like a contributor
2. Check the Question related to Which one, Whether its desktop, mobile, os, thunderbird etc

As a small but a good result since we got 3 New contributor as well as 3 mozillians who are now working on SUMO part.and its a great thing for me that if the content is good then we can get a good result .


For second day I mixed the topic since I know that we must got some super mentors there on IRC like Sayak,Deb,Abhishek Potnis ,Jayakumar,Jafar so today instead of focusing on SUMO we start chunking on different things like :

  • How Bug is verified or tested??
  • Difference between TCP and Product Verification
  • Swags Distribution criteria…..etc!!

But at back end we also doing a part of contribution like this is made by Abhishek Thakur Thimble while I’m assigning newbies on Support site of Mozilla 🙂

Check out more pics during event :




So doing all these thing we don’t confirmed about time but Its time say bye bye So I made a proper sign off to all everyone and me too come to documentation point .But its not an end since Its Our community who Gives a proper sign off to everyone so an open badge is there for each and everyone attendees who comes with there valuable time and criticle feedback.



We are continued on this type of project in feature days and we get some good result . Your Suggestions ,your Appreciation always works as a killer punch and I believe that Doing good Is A Part of My code 😀



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