Student Associate : A Self Enthusiast Geek

Hello Everyone,

I’m Chandan Kumar Baba Pursuing B.E from NRI College.Explaining How Microsoft Impact on my life is somewhat tricky for me because of I never think about a world without Microsoft. In terms of my First crush with computers is when I came out from native and go for higher education.I’m amazed when watching the movement of mouse,the tuning of windows sound is something that gives me a pathway to go into the digital world and surely that was Microsoft XP who helps me.

While Jumping of pointers,the movement of lines on Microsoft Virtual Academy  is just make me crazy and Now Attending Webinar with world is totally a boost-up for a computer geek like me.From that time I have seen numerous Security patches,OS updates and now playing on Live tiles (Windows 8.1) is just looking Awesome .But these are not one day show,it takes hard times,checking skills and yeah your passion too,And I too gonna spend these all beacuse of this tag “Microsoft is not about greed,its about innovation and fairness” – Words from Founder of the “Synonome of computer” Corp.

Every changes there makes a big Impact on my life and I truly flow with this all the lifetime.

Now How what my plan about to make changes in society ??

The answer is not tuff for me beacuse of my clear and tunnel vision and that is either still I’m not a MSA but I always advocate about the Technology and the fair innovations done by Microsoft. I always dream a world where each and every society is Educated and well aware about the latest technology. the idea is very simple behind getting a tag of Microsoft Student Associates is self name of Microsoft .Peoples either they are students or a society person when they listen about microsoft they firmly believe in changes and there is no such difficulty to face to understand about the Digital World and the related terms.

Since this program needs a Technical Enthusiast as well as a Social Evangelist  and I Think That I can Fill-up the criteria. Since I know that How Social Activness  makes a good Revolution either it will be in terms of Social , Political or Techical. Every where Social Media plays a big role and I’m an Active Social Handler on most of there(either That is Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Yammer etc)

Hosting Events,Bootcamps,Online Meetups are some of in my planning while on a regular basis discussions on various themes,projects and new technologies going on.These all are help peoples to find a better day in the digital world.

What qualities makes me eligible to Being a MSA ??

Saying for my own qualities is quite awesome because I too not well aware my goodwill 🙂 as I’m good with my academics ,An Excellent communication with teachers .Best with my friends and knowing as a “Techno boy” between them and loving my campus too. In-spite of this I have volunteering for UNESCO and Mozilla and I’m well knowing about the Impact of technology and Social Activities.

Microsoft always caring of ordinary brains and bring them in a position of Do Something Awesome, and I guess for the same for me .



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