Moz Shopee : New way to Meet the Web

Events are always Awesome and you always get Awesome outputs from here.Each Community must need of such Passionate leaders and a good number of followers,and Community Bhopal will always Lucid with it. A great call by Komal Gandhi and With presence of Some active Contributors like Arpit Singhal and a newbie Bharat jain,We are Showing How deeply we Love to spread Mozilla and its Mission throughout world and web.


I with Arpit was going to Indore after getting Invitation from a opening ceremony of newely launched showroom there and we always hats-off efforts done by Komal_ji Gandhi,getting a good space for Community meetups on that showroom in feature times.


The Owner is too happy after seeing that how good work we have done for Web and help mankind to live in world of Openess,and she invites us on deck πŸ™‚ with our Mission that is actually Spreading Mozilla Mission. πŸ˜€ All Background Process like sharing about Mozilla and Its Mission and why we Support this is done by Komal Gandhi during her stay at Indore and this is the main reason why we got Invitation from Owner of the Showroom . So Big part of Credit goes to Komal_ji GandhiΒ  for her work and Passion towards Mozilla . πŸ™‚


Because its a Short time Event and Listeners are not only Young Guns as well as Some mix of Mid age peoples,so we include contents which is Actively Helpful for both Generation. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


Sessions like how Moziila helps us to navigate on web(We’re Building a better Internet), how security and privacy is a big concern on web and how to resolve (Private Mode & Lightbeam),and how you can get-involved with us (Volunteer for Mozilla) are handled by our Duo’s Komal jii and Arpit and Its awesome to see that peoples who actively listening them.


Since Its an early call and we are still stuck in our exams so, others can’t involve physically but there back-end support was again too Awesome that helps us to Do our work easily. πŸ˜€


Related pics that are taken by Event Specialist Photographer and Soon getting by Komal jii and then we Publish it on Social Sites. So keep calm and feel the Luminosity πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Note:- Another detailed Blog is soon on-air by Arpit Singhal and you get more information about the Sessions. πŸ˜€


We are Supercharging the web and Join Hands to get Involved with us πŸ™‚



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