Add-ons : Tweak your Machine with Firefox

Hello Folks,

Its awesome to navigating web with New Firefox browser,well its more customized, more Eye-candy interface,and too powerful πŸ™‚ and I bet anyone who uses it once he thinks to switch on other browser πŸ™‚ (experienced that already)

Now takes a look on add-ons of firefox (I dont think that anyone need its definition),which is now days high on demand due to such awesome and extra-ordinary working ability.

Here I listed some useful addons which is elegant with there work :


This category contains mixed addons which is top rates in there own tabs.

Adblok Plus:You ever annoyed with Flawless Ads on Facebook,Youtube,Or other Social sites,For me its Disgusting.So thank to Developer who makes this super awesome blocker add-on ,which keeps you away from annoying ads.


Annotate your Screenshot : Ever you think how much time consumes when you go for take a snapshot of the screen and make it in image form,well Say thanks to Its developer team who cuts your serious time and make your work easier .Image

Down ThemAll : Do you have a download manager installed in Your machine,no worries if you don’t have because now you can get all the videos and media files with this integrated download manager.I surpass it with a comment that it might be unable tot show links but afterall a must have download manager for Firefox.


Gmail Notifier(restartless): Tons of mails πŸ™‚ daily comes in your inbox and still you miss out them in real time ,there is a solution Gmail Notifier saves your times to open up all times your gmail tab by notifying you with real time monitoring. Note:works onlyΒ  when you open Firefox tabs for doing things.


Turn off the Lights: Well, enjoying movies online or watching IPL πŸ˜‰ want some effects on your tabs,off the lights of your tabs and lets enjoy like Multiplex Hall πŸ™‚ This add-ons feels you are in different place .


Youtube HD : Bored with quality of youtube videos (changes only in two modes: HD and Default), want some more clarify views like 1080p, 720p, 240p, Large,small or tiny. If yes then this add-on is for you . switch with your priority and enjoy the game πŸ™‚

ImageFor me, these are some basic but useful add-ons which keeps me always hassle free when subject to navigate on web. These also tested to work on both Firefox 28-29 version(after testing I write up these details).

So you cant put your mind off when you go for any of these add-on πŸ˜‰

Next, I blogged about themes and some more add-ons whose workability are More than these and you can say that they are like little troopers(Enhancer) for your web experience.

Till Keep Calm and Stay Tuned πŸ™‚






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