Remote maker party : New way to Spread Awesomeness

Hello all…… Thanks for joining me at remote maker party πŸ™‚ its more than outstanding and i cant believe that everything done in smooth manner. First attempt and i succeed ,thanks everyone whose supports are always with me . Here is my blog :

So, After listening lots of chatter box,I decide for the organizing makers party in my college at 12th april . Infact I know that its little bit hard to do that,but all credits goes to my mates whose big excitements force me to host the event.

We are facing such hurdles to organize event at my college but suddenly an idea clicked there that why can’t organize first ever Remote maker party and just after some quick fireback suggestions I ready for that.

I put down my all objective on etherpad,and call my frends on social media to join on group chat. Where they can ask relevant questions and I put down there answers.
See the etherpad :


there is another concern that”how to communicate all attendees with all one and ask questions or start disscussion??” This is not possible to to say them on #irc because they are fully unaware about these things, so I create a group chat on facebook named as makers . This works very awesome and now we are ready to take thrust up . Yeee πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
see what disscussion goes there :


At the end of this awesome idea now time to sign-up new members on webmaker , by the ease of persona :
For this I just put steps for that,and send steps pics so they can get involved easily there :





And its awesome to get result from them ,from here we got 2 new contributors, who shows there lots of energy and do good.
A big thanks to Raj Rohit and Komal_ji for there keen eyes πŸ™‚
don’t go with lots of buddies, just classified few ones with dedicated aims πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ #event_lesson
                                                I’m a Mozillian πŸ˜€


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