Moz meetup : Time to Be a part

Hii All….. Thanks for the awesome community meetup and this is my blog to express my words about that.

It is one of awesome day when I got a mail from Vineel Sir in which i’m  invited for The Mozilla India community meetup which is held at Hyderabad at 5-6th april. I really get  shocked because Its more than unexpected 🙂 and you can’t believe that I read that mail 4-5 times 😀 . After a comfortable flight experience I entered The Park hotel where event is going to be organized.


So at the first day I with my SUMO warriors (team) 😉  are discussed on various point of SUMO project in which AOA is mainly in center of discussion . It was one another incredible day of my life due to get interacted with Big guns and this ensure me that I’m on sky high 🙂 Specially Madalina Ana,Swarnava,Jayakumar are the in the top of list .

SUMO Worriers

After a fine discussion Me with two awesome buddies Raj Suthar and Sajeev Soni gone for lunch where I met All Mozillians such as Ankit Gadgil, Mayur,Harshawardhan and rest off …. 😀

best buddies

Next of sessions are also smoothly covered by the task force leaders and I get a Lot of knowledge from them 🙂 I don’t have words to explain my  happiness . Both days I just getting so much things and now I have terabytes of knowledge compared to before of this event.Such things that I take from this awesome event are :

  • The Event Management technique(Atleast now I’m in a position to manage things when I get involved in Events at my levels,A big thanks to Organizing team)
  • More about Mozilla and its mission (Infact now I have a clear vision about it)
  • Knowledge Enhancer(Thanks to SUMO team for accepting me as a part of them)
  • Get Together with Awesome Contributor(Well I learn to keep calm 😉 and keep contributing , thanks all for there awesome words :D,this helps me to Get engaged for long term)

The A Team

I know that from now I have to grow up and get my levels are more skillful. With All positiveness I came back to home with another Cozy journey ,thanks to Air-India and Jet-Connect 😉

In Between Reps :)


Sorry to such awesome buddies I can’t interacted with them ,sure I will catch you in future events 🙂

once I’m a Mozillian,I always be a Mozillian 🙂


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