Student Ambassdor Event at Nri-A step next

Doing good is part of our code!! This is one of best part of every mozillians 😀 as I believe !! An Awesome Event day at NRI-IIST College, where we are surfing for the better web ideas. And its quite awesome to listen when we see the number of responses we get through other side (actually they are bunches of Eger Beaver).


This blog is totally focused on experience whatever I get from the awesome session.
Thanks to my team Mr. Prince Shankushal and Mr. Aarthish Nair to make the whole event Successfull.Starting from introductory session (A quick fireback)by Aarthish kumar( holding tag of  “club leader” position)makes everyone in learning mode , talking on Mozilla org., firefox OS apps , webmaker and Womaniya.


Next session by Prince Shankushal(Our OS Apps developer nd Designer) 😀 focused on” OS apps Devlopement ” makes everyone coder (its amazing to watch everyone to kill the errors 😉 ).This is another of best time of whole session where everyone exicted to know more about Mozilla.


Now at last, its me 🙂 making everyone in hacking mode (infact they want to hack moreover, due to time boundation we are limited )by using Webmaker tools “Google X-Ray” . 😀
Next to “Thimble”and “Popcorn” another part when I have more goose bumps than others bcuz of other side envolvement 😀
Since this is first event under FSA tag so we expect that we are clearing another task,and ready for next level 😀 .


At last Promational chatter by Aarthish kumar for “Womaniya” event organised by #Mozilla Bhopal Community 😉 and omg girls having wowful response.this make sure that we are going to do something big :D.


Due to less time we are not covering other areas , but sure to do event like this again , so keep watching .
We Are Building a Better Web 😀

See pics here firefox student ambassador event
Thanks everybody for your valueable time 🙂

chandan baba


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