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Hello Everybody….
Here I share the experiences what I have gain from Community Bhopal meetup .Start from thanks giving Dear Komal_Mam,who collects nd serializes each and every points that matters a lot . πŸ˜€
This is Another Wowfull meetup @Freshpresso where we including 20 mozillians disscussed on various matters. Meetup handled by “Nri Mozillians “club, Leading by Mr.Aarthish Kumar under Community Bhopal focused on various areas such as Mozilla Webmaker, Firefox OS and Support Mozilla (SUMO).
Nice presentations done by contributers on the above topics which makes huge effect on everyone.Mainly Firefox os ppt presented by Mr. Prince Shankushal who gives useful information about Firefox App developement .
Apart from this I also try to elaborate SUMO various areas, and I think everyone now having more knowledge than previous . πŸ˜‰
Now Its interesting to see that who “hit the deck first” πŸ˜€
At last we have a great disscussion session on Our next event πŸ˜‰ where we focused “like beam”.
#Do U missed this,ohh…!!Better luck next time πŸ˜€


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